Ride on September 15, 2013 (completed)

Starting Date & Time: Sunday, September 15 at 3:00pm
Please arrive on time. As soon as all bikes have been unloaded and instructions have been given, the group will be leaving. Don't miss us! :-)
Starting Location: Small parking lot just past a Petrocan gas station at 200 Water St. S., Cambridge, ON (see description below).
GPS coordinates: 43.3448,-80.3152
Map of exact starting location
Trails: Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail
Near any water: Grand River
Distance (round trip): 18 or 36 km (two ride routes)
Ride Map: Ride Map

We will meet in the small parking lot located just past (south of) a Petrocan gas station at the southern edge of Cambridge. This gas station's address is 200 Water St. S., Cambridge, ON. Refer to the green arrow on the map for the exact meeting location

This is a dual ride meaning that we will have a shorter 18 km route and a longer 36 km route. Both routes start together and ride together for the first 9 km until a rest stop.

There will be water and fruit at the rest stop (arranged by Mimi).

The shorter ride group will turn around at the 9 km rest stop and return back. The longer ride group will continue on to Paris before turning around and returning along the same route.

The longer ride group will be led by Todd & Kim L. and Ruth Anne H. The shorter ride group will be led by Doug B.

This is a nice shaded, hill-free ride along a long abandoned railway trail from the southern edge of Cambridge to Paris, mostly through wooded areas, beside the Grand River. Most of the ride is on this well maintained trail.

Please ensure that any young children that you bring on this ride have the ability to go this distance and can keep up with the group (the shorter ride group will be going at a casual leisurely pace).

Please plan enough time to get to this farther-than-usual starting location since we will be starting the ride as soon as everyone unloads their bicycles and is ready to go :-)

See "What to Bring on a Ride?" for suggestions.

If you haven't handed in a signed waiver (only needed for your first ride), we will have blank forms available at the starting location.

This route was suggested by multiple people. If you have an idea for a ride route, please email it to cycling@westheights.org